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English Language Churches in Nijmegen
Gelderland, The Netherlands

The following are the available English language services in the city of Nijmegen. Many Churches provide translation to English on request. Couple of address where it is available is given at the end of the table.

Address Timing Details
International Christian Fellowship Nijmegen, Kanunnik van Mulicomstraat 20
6525 VL Nijmegen (near Radboud University)
Every Wednesday 18:00 + Once a month on 2nd OR 4th Sunday 14:00Non-denominational fellowship in English
House Church ICFN
Studentenkerk, Erasmuslaan 9
6525 GE Nijmegen (Student Church)
Every Sunday 17:00Catholic Mass in English
Kruispuntkerk, Van Hogendorpstraat 126
6535 VC Nijmegen
Every Sunday 11:00 Anglican Service in English
Jos Strengholt: + 31 641 021 346
Roman Catholic Philippines community
Heemraadstraat 6, 6525 TH Nijmegen
3rd Sunday 15:00 Catholic Mass - (Tagalog | English)
Tel: 06-13096550 / 06-12776503
Pinkstergemeente Jozua @ Peter & Paul Church
Zijpendaalstraat 5a, 6535 PS Nijmegen
Every Sunday 10:00 Pentecostal Service Tel: 024 - 3789877 / 0485 - 540891
(Nederlands | English translation on headset)
Bethel Pentecostal Temple
Synphoniestraat 204, 6544 TN Nijmegen
Every Sunday 10:30 Pentecostal Service (Indonesian| Dutch)
(Translation Availabe on request)
Ontmoetingskerk, Meijhorst 7033
6537 EP Nijmegen
Every Sunday 09:30 Protestant Service
(Translation Availabe on request)
Setterforth Church@DoRe-gemeente
Professor Regoutstraat 23, 6524 RZ Nijmegen
Every Sunday 14:00 English Language Pentecostal Service

More information on other churches/service not listed here are available on request.

Bible Study/ Prayer in English: IBSN - Every Wednesdays 19:00. See the Schedule for our meetings.

God's willing, ICFN service from Apostolic Ministry will be conducted every Sunday in the future.

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